Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is a Better Option Than DIY Treatments

Smile with professionally whitened teeth.

Whiter teeth were the leading goal of smile improvements among patients queried in a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s no wonder then that the teeth whitening industry is big business with a market value of nearly eight billion dollars, and as with any business this size, you're going to have a lot of companies vying for your whitening dollars. With so many options, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

But if you're serious about getting and maintaining a whiter smile, there are many reasons professional teeth whitening is better. Smita Rewari, DDS, of Floss Dental in Houston, Texas explains why.

1. Better results

Home strips, gels, and other whitening solutions can temporarily remove surface stains, which may make your teeth appear a little whiter and brighter. But they do not deliver the same results as professional products from your dentist. Professional teeth whitening procedures can brighten tooth color up to 10 shades in about an hour. Often patients purchase a take-home whitening kit from their dentist, that contains professional grade teeth whitening gel and a custom-made mouth tray to maintain the whitening effects

Both professional whitening products and those bought over-the-counter contain hydrogen peroxide. However, products purchased at the local drug store contain a significantly lower concentration of, a maximum of 10%, making them less effective than professional whitening products which contain upwards of 16%.

2. No gimmicks

Many home teeth whitening kits offer you gimmicks like special lights, multiple steps, or complicated systems. They seem very impressive, but few of them actually have any solid science behind them showing that they work. Some have been FDA-cleared, which means that they've not been shown to do no harm, but the science doesn't show that they're effective. 

3. Get long-lasting results

On top of better results, professional teeth whitening lasts longer because it goes beyond the surface to safely whiten teeth. This means longer results that people instantly notice when you smile.

4. Less tooth sensitivity

Dr. Rewari uses a whitening system on your teeth that includes fluoride and potassium nitrate, which reduce teeth sensitivity as they strengthen your teeth. Home whitening solutions are often overused because of the lesser results they are able to achieve with each application and this can lead to unbearable tooth sensitivity, and even tooth cracking, in some people.

5. Get personalized results

Professional whitening done by your Floss dentist comes in precisely measured quantities, so your dentist applies the right amount of solution to your teeth to get optimal results based upon your unique needs. Home whitening kit packaging is notoriously unclear about the quantity of the various ingredients. Even your dentist wouldn't know how much of the product is needed to whiten your teeth. Packaging instructions are often one-size-fits-all, leaving you to trial and error when trying to whiten at home.

6. Better for people who don't have perfect teeth 

If you have some misaligned teeth, you'd instinctively avoid home whitening strips, knowing they won't reach everywhere, but even if you apply solutions with an applicator or a rinse, it's hard to get the solution everywhere, leaving browner spots on your mostly whitened teeth. Dr. Rewari can ensure that whitening solution reaches those tough to reach spots for more even results and if you'd like to do something about those misaligned teeth, he may also recommend Invisalign so you get the complete package of whiter and straighter teeth.

Do you want to get faster, better, safer results when whitening your teeth? Professional whitening is the only way to go. Contact Floss to schedule an appointment.

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